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At Meta X we provide immersive training, development and promotional experiences within the metaverse, and we love what we do. We use bespoke gaming experiences to help you reach the 3.2 billion gamers, of all ages throughout the world to promote your business. Did you know that the average age of a gamer is 33? This means you could be missing out on an extremely valuable media avenue.

We get a real buzz from the altruistic sense of genuinely helping people to unlock their potential and helping individuals, teams, and organisations to communicate the messages which are important to them in a fun and engaging way.

We believe that at the heart of any business there must be a focus around culture, passion, and the desire to make a difference.  We’re passionate about using the power of gaming to engage and communicate.  

We know that your people, whether that be employees, students or customers are your biggest asset, so we use all our knowledge and experience to create training experiences that communicate your training needs in an innovative and familiar platform design. 

We have a wealth of experience across multiple sectors and will work closely with you to identify the successes, strengths, best practices and gaps that are delivering current results before putting together an experience to address area’s where improvement in behaviours and knowledge can be encouraged. 

Our approach to training and development is to make a difference. We develop experiences that inspire people to think differently, behave differently and continue to make a difference long after the experience has ended.

Meta X - Health & Safety Game

How can Meta X design and create an engaging experience for you?

Whether you have an idea yourself, and want to turn that into a reality, or you want us to guide you through the process, the following steps are a guide to getting you into the Metaverse

The whole process starts with us finding out what is your end goal. Our team will engage with you to ascertain what kind of experience you want delivered. Experiences are broken down into the following three types.

  • Do you want a quest driven promotional experience to help promote your company or brand within the Metaverse?
  • Do you want to create a bespoke training experience to help communicate your industry’s messages to your employees in an engaging and innovative way?
  • Would you like your products displayed in a gallery type experience where players can view your companies portfolio/products, including links to websites and other online media.

Once we have an idea about what you want to achieve, we will design your experience in accordance with your requirements ensuring that your companies brand and messages are centre stage.

An engaging quest driven story will be created which will require the player to move through your experience interacting with your company in multiple ways, such as completing quests and answering questions and locating key items.

An example of a simple experience could be a world where the player has to navigate around your companies headquarters, collecting items that are key to your brand. The player would then answer questions or complete follow up quests, helping to increase brand awareness.

Once complete your experience would be available to be interacted with in the following ways;

  • The Sandbox which is a free online gaming Metaverse, and is accessed by some 100,000 players worldwide every month. People will be able to access your experience, engage with your companies brand and learn what you are about.
  • The experience can also be communicated using face to face exposure. You will have access to the experience on PC where you can deliver the experience to employees, students or the general public during on site training sessions or through networking events.
Meta X - Health & Safety Game

Utilise The Power of Gaming to Promote Your Company

The power of gaming to promote your company is a form of media barely touched at commercial level. Look at the below stats and ask yourself “why?”

Total Number of Gamers Worldwide - 3.24 billion
Minecraft Monthly Users (Jan 2023) – 173.5m
Roblox Daily Users (Feb 2023) – 67.3m
Average Age of a Gamer - 33


We offer a wide variety of services to help with the design and development of your bespoke metaverse experience.

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At Meta X, We love to hear from our players and fans, so feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback, or suggestions.


We are a team of passionate and talented game developers and professionals who love to make games and experiences that entertain and inspire.

Whether you have an idea for a story or not our experienced team can walk you thought the processes to help develop an engaging and industry relevant story


Here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If you need more information or your question isn’t listed then please reach out to us. We will aim respond within 1 working day.

Meta X - Construction Safety Game

The metaverse is a 3 dimensional virtual world where people from all over the world can gather to socialise, play games together, collaborate together on work projects and a place where people and companies can display their products, services for everyone to see and engage with.

You may or may not have heard of it but It is a rapidly expanding online space where many large corporations are setting up their brands to ensure that they do not miss out on what is soon to become the most important space to promote your business.


Switch these two sections around please so that power of gaming is above

We use the power of gaming as a form of training or company promotion to help you reach the 3.2b gamers worldwide.

The game is accessed through The Sandbox, which is a free to access online metaverse where players can access from anywhere in the world if they have an internet connection.

From start to finish you can be involved with the teams in designing and developing your game. This can be from just the branding element of the experience and how your organisation will be viewed to the the story line and how the players interact with the game. The possibilities are endless.

Yes. The idea behind this is to have your experience accessible to anyone. In a similar way to online advertising, you want as many people as possible having access to your experience and exploring what your organisation is about.

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Looking for more information or want to talk to us regarding a game idea you have? Submit your information and a MetaX representative will follow up with you as soon as possible. Have a simple question? check out our FAQ (link that to FAQ section)

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